As 2018 comes to an end, the Alliance Family is faced with a great blessing that also brings forth a great challenge.
We currently have 60 vetted, trained, and prepared international workers ready to go out into the field next year. This is a record number for us. Twice as many as the C&MA has had in previous years. Praise the Lord! Historically, the number of workers has been on a decline, and led us to pray for God to provide the people. He answered. And He came through abundantly.
Now the challenge. We need the funds to send these workers. The Alliance is currently behind budget in our Great Commission Fund. To be exact, we are $1.2 million behind this fiscal year. Now our prayer is for the Lord to provide the financial resources so that every one of those 60 workers can be sent.

Help Us Send The Workers

Through our Alliance Year-End Offering, our goal is to raise the funds so that we do not have to tell a single one of these workers that we cannot send them into the field to do God’s work.
Please prayerfully consider how you can help. Through the Great Commission Fund offering link, you can donate to the entire fund, or choose to donate directly to a specific worker or project.
For our Alliance New England family, we ask that you share this challenge with your leadership teams and congregations. Help us Send the Workers and not leave a single one of these people behind because of a lack of financial support.
The video segment features a new worker couple who is being sent in early 2019 to proclaim the good news in a gospel-deprived city.