The landscape for mission has changed and is becoming focused on our own backyards. As such, excitement is growing about Envision Providence and the new site being planned and built here in our New England District. Robert and Amy Childs have taken the reins as the Site Coordinators to lead the Envision Providence location and are already hard at work developing the vision, administration, and overseeing the operations of the site, including the build-out and construction of the permanent facility.

What is Envision?

Simply put, Envision takes long-term workers invested in their urban communities, like the Childs, and pairs them with small groups and missional leaders for internships, short-term trips, and leadership development. Together they innovate, develop, strengthen and impact the faith communities in their cities.

“We hope to develop relationships and share the gospel with the people of Providence by launching programs and developing partnerships with existing ministries throughout the city to help make them more effective,” Robert explained. “We plan to do this by bringing on staff and interns, and coordinating short-term teams from churches, colleges, and other organizations.”

“We partner with small groups and missional leaders for internships, short-term trips and leadership development.”

Providence Site

The Christian & Missionary Alliance currently has 20 Envision sites located throughout the United States and around the globe. “Providence is one of the largest cities in New England,” added Robert, “but is an area not well represented within the C&MA. We hope to change that.” Partnering with the International Alliance Church, and their Lead Pastor Scott Yi, was a natural fit. The Providence site is scheduled to open later this year, either by the end of summer or early fall.

Get Involved

There are a few ways congregations in our district can support the Envision site as it moves toward full operations. “First, they can partner with us financially,” Robert advises. “We also need donations of materials and the time of people with the construction skills to help remodel our building. They can also become our prayer partners. And lastly, churches can send individuals and teams to participate in the programs at our site.”

Missions is no longer limited to long-term moves to foreign locations. The Envision sites are enabling people with a heart for sharing the gospel to reach people lost and hurting, right where we currently reside. Urban communities are ripe for God’s harvest. “The city of Providence has all the needs and opportunities that other large urban areas present.”

Stay tuned as we move closer to the official opening of the site. A kick-off “Renew the City” event is tentatively planned for Spring 2018, with teams coming regularly throughout the rest of the 2018 year. For more information on how to support and get involved with Envision Providence, contact us here.