Hi Friends,

We wanted to share with you some updates from around the District, and a few reminders about upcoming events:

  • Congratulations to Steve Trudel who was ordained on September 25, 2016.  Steve is the Assistant Pastor of Cape Cod Bible Alliance Church in Brewster, MA.
  • And congratulations to Justin Zinn, who recently finished the work required to have his Ordination sustained by the C&MA.  Justin is the Youth & Worship Pastor at Journey Church in Conway, NH.
  • We welcome Bingbin Mo to Alliance New England!  Bingbin is the new Pastor at New Haven Chinese Alliance Church in New Haven, CT.  Bingbin, his wife Jia Jia, and daughter Lydia relocated to Connecticut from California in late August.
  • Ron Mangin completed his interim service as the Sr. Pastor at Church of Emmanuel in Foxboro, MA on September 18th, and recently relocated back to the greater Chicago area. Ron has taken a position there as a City Catalyst of Q Place, a ministry that seeks to train Christians to engage in meaningful spiritual conversations with people who believe differently.


Fall Cluster Catch-Up Session – Tuesday, November 8th, from 9:30-11:30 AM

If you were unable to attend your Fall Cluster (held Sept. 13-22) we have scheduled a session to be held via on-line video-conference to catch you up on what you missed.  Some significant groundwork was laid in the fall gatherings for the clusters we will hold this winter and next spring, and there is work you will need to be doing in preparation, so we strongly recommend you try to join us for this video session if at all possible.

We will be using Zoom video-conferencing for this meeting.  You will be able to join from any laptop/PC, telephone or mobile device. To participate via video, you will need a laptop/pc or mobile device that is equipped with a camera and a microphone. Please email Shelley atshelley@alliancenewengland.org if you are planning to join the video-conference and we will get you the login instructions and other information you will need.

One Day Workshop on Discipleship & Mission – Saturday, November 5th from 9:00 AM – 3:30 PM at The Delaney House in Holyoke, MA

This workshop is designed to bring the conversation we’ve been having in Clusters for the last few years to the staff and lay leaders in the local churches, and position it in such a way as to help pastors lead the effort forward with their leadership body and congregation.  We have conducted this workshop in a couple of regions already and the feedback was that it really helped to move the conversation forward.  Some of topics we get into include the changing culture around us and what that means for churches; what is the mission of the church (to make disciples) and what is a disciple; how do people learn; and how can we continue to develop our churches to have a disciplemaking culture.

This day is facilitated as a workshop, meaning there are significant times for interaction among your group on the topic of discipleship & mission.  We hope you will make every effort to be there with your staff and the leaders within your congregation.  Bring a whole group! There is no cost to you but we do need to have you register everyone so we can plan appropriately.  Please register here.

District Led Huddles Starting Soon!

A Huddle is discipleship vehicle in which you will be invested in and learn tools, practices and skills for imitating the life and ministry of Jesus. The tools (called Lifeshapes) are simple, memorable and reproducible, allowing you to pass them on to generation after generation of huddles. The huddles we are starting are aimed at people who are involved in ministry, either as pastors, staff, lay leaders or spouses of such. The goal is to personally disciple leaders in relation to their context, and to give them tools which will help them disciple others well.

We have a couple of groups that are starting:

1.    For Pastor’s Wives and Women in Ministry – Holly Skalberg is wife of Trevor Skalberg, Sr. Pastor of Journey Church in Conway, NH.  Trevor and Holly moved to NH from Iowa about 6 years ago and have two daughters.  Holly is passionate about discipling women and raising them up to be leaders in their local church and community. This huddle is designed specifically for women who are involved in ministry or are pastor’s wives.

2.    For Ministry Leaders & Developing Leaders – Andy Geffers and Shelley Moulton will also begin leading huddles, which would be open to any ministry leaders or developing leaders in your local church.  One of these will likely be a mixed-gender huddle.

Huddle meetings will be held once a week via computer, utilizing an on-line conferencing tool such as Zoom. We will schedule the day and time of the huddles based on what works for the leader and the majority of the group expressing interest.  (Please understand it may not be possible to find a day/time that works for everyone interested.)  There is no financial cost for being part of these huddles. However, participants must know that this is to be a priority commitment on their weekly calendar.  They will need to understand that being part of a huddle will require them to be vulnerable and accountable.  Additionally, participants will be required to have the necessary technical set-up to be able to participate fully in the on-line meetings.

If you or a leader from your church might be interested, please email Shelley soon with the names and contact information. We will look to begin meeting later this fall.