Two years ago, we prayed, prepared, and sent Robbie Haddad off to Berlin. The then 23-year-old Foxboro, MA native was heading overseas for his first international assignment as an apprentice in a refugee center. He was a recent graduate of the Moody Bible Institute and filled with a peace that his calling was to the mission field.

That two-year assignment is now coming to an end. But it is really just another beginning for Robbie. The time he spent in Germany simply confirmed his commitment to international missions. We’re excited to share his accomplishments while overseas and announce his next steps and how our Alliance New England district can continue to support him.

A Thriving Arab Church Plant in Berlin

When Robbie arrived in Berlin, one of his initial goals was to foster outreach within the Muslim refugee community. What began with just two people, has now grown into a regular gathering of more than 20 believers of Arab-descent. This church-plant is growing and establishing deep roots, in part because of Robbie being the only full-time American worker in the Arabic church and the numerous media resources he created for the center to use in their outreach efforts. “I was able to build relationships with unbelievers and watched as they turned to Christ because of God’s work here,” Robbie adds.

In addition to personally becoming fluent in German and completing his ALME, Robbie recounts all the other Kingdom opportunities he was able to be a part of in Berlin. This includes leading children’s programs and grassroots evangelism efforts among teenagers, spear-heading vision trips, connecting ministries to the Lighthouse program, and witnessing true multiplication of disciples occur. “While here, I have travelled and learned from some of the most skilled missionaries the C&MA has,” Robbie continues. “I’ve dealt with the harsh realities of missionary life away from home, but now know that it is all doable!”

Returning to New England

With the completion of this assignment, Robbie is now preparing to return back to New England at the end of this summer. When he arrives, he will spend the next year as a Site Associate at the Envision Providence location and assisting the International Alliance Church, which are perfect fits for Robbie’s current skill sets and an ideal training ground for his future. “My experience working with a team of ministers is very useful to understanding how programs like Envision work,” he explains. “I now also have a greater understanding of the need for community among internationals. Since I grew up in the area surrounding IAC and have a deep openness to other cultures, I feel confident I can create an inviting atmosphere and cultivate community through home groups and organic hangouts.”

Adding another staff member at Envision to support Robert and Amy Childs will dramatically increase the site’s ability to serve short-term mission teams over the next year as well, while also providing Robbie with training on leading teams and developing people who have a heart for ministry. 

What’s Next

This sabbatical back in New England serving at Envision and the IAC are intentional. Robbie still has a desire and calling to return overseas to serve the Lord.  Both of these settings provide Robbie with an opportunity to continue to serve internationals.

His continued involvement with Alliance New England churches and those called to ministry will be a great asset to ANE and will create pathways for future global relationships and partnerships.

Ongoing and Future Support

His return to the northeast and his anticipated return overseas require multiple levels of ongoing support. Financial contributions can be sent directly to the district office. Contact Andy or Sue for more information on how. In the immediate short-term, Robbie knows he’ll be in need of a vehicle for the roughly nine months he’ll be state-side. Ideas or opportunities to assist with that can be sent to us as well.

We encourage all of the churches in the district to take advantage of Robbie’s time here to visit with your congregations and share his testimony from his time in Berlin, his goals for this next year here locally, and his future plans. To coordinate having Robbie speak at your church or to your missions teams, contact the district office directly and we will help facilitate the arrangements.

Finally, continue lifting Robbie up in prayer. The next few months will be busy as he concludes his time in Berlin and leaves the church plant he helped establish, packs up, and prepares for his new positions at Envision and IAC. He will also need prayer support for his integration into the Providence international community and that he will be able to continue honing his leadership development skills. And last but not least, please pray that the financial support needed when it becomes clear where his next international assignment will be.

Take a minute and welcome Robbie home! Then join us in preparing him for the next steps in his calling to serve internationally.

For those feeling called or with more questions on missions and the international field, consider joining us at the Called Ones Gathering August 10-11, where we explain the various opportunities and pathways for serving in ministry.