Meet Luke Richter

In our ongoing profile of new pastors within the district, we are pleased to introduce Luke Richter to our New England family. Luke left the sunny shores of Florida and Georgia to venture north and follow his call to a ministry working with students in a location where he says with a small amount of shock, “people actually like the Patriots!”

Most of Luke’s family remains in the south, where his father is the pastor of North Shore Alliance Church in North Fort Myers, FL. He is single, with no children, and currently learning that Maine winters are not at all like South Florida winters.

Joining Bethel Alliance

After completing his degrees in Biblical Studies and Music at Toccoa Falls College, Luke spent a year serving as a part-time youth pastor in Baldwin, GA. During that year, his calling to full-time ministry was solidified and his candidacy at Bethel Alliance convicted in him a heart for the people and communities within the greater New England area. The Bethel Alliance congregation welcomed him in August and he’s been settling in since then.

“The congregation is warm and welcoming,” Luke explains. “The people are not afraid to bear very real burdens with one another as the Body of Christ. I have been thankful for the hospitable nature of everyone since making the move, and it has been my joy to serve with them.”

While Bethel is a small-town church, Luke quickly notes that it has a very “global and Kingdom mindset. They are always ready to lend a hand to whoever may need it.”

Vision for Youth & Worship

Luke mentions how he has always had a passion for wildlife, and if he had not pursued ministry, he might be working as a vet or in wildlife conservation. “God, however, led me to work with youth groups, taking care of a different kind of animal – TEENS!”

For the students at Bethel Alliance, his vision is to see them grow as disciples of Jesus Christ and becoming shining lights to their community and the world. “My goal is to walk alongside them and play a supporting role, so they may learn to thrive in their calling from God,” Luke says.

When it comes to worship, Luke is responsible for shaping and leading worship on Sunday mornings. “I desire to see this congregation fully immersed and dedicated to serving and worshiping God.” He sums it up by saying, “I want to be an example of what it means to worship and be a living sacrifice to Him.”

A Heart for Life

As we get to know Luke more, his heart for the Pro Life movement will become evident. “At TCF, I was vice president of the Toccoa Falls For Life club,” he explains. “I worked with an awesome group of students to raise awareness and collaborate with local pregnancy resource centers.” That passion will continue here in the northeast.

Lastly, moving into the Christmas-season is a busy time for all congregations, particularly worship pastors as they prepare for holiday services. Even with everything going on, please take a few minutes to welcome Luke to the district and offer him your prayers and support.