When our gifts and talents align with a calling to spread the Gospel, it is beyond exciting. For Kara Dry, her childhood passion for the game of soccer has grown through the years to create a love for the sport and an opportunity to use her talents as a player and coach to reach young girls and women with the message of hope and love in Jesus Christ.

Currently based in Boston, and coming from an Alliance family in Madison, CT, this New Englander is preparing to head to Spain to serve with Envision.

Being Called

Kara was raised in a Christian family, where her father served as an Alliance pastor. This provided a lifelong example of what it means to pursue the Lord and live with an eye on how to advance the Gospel. Moving to CT in high school was significant in her walk of faith. “I learned the challenges and blessings of serving in New England,” she explains. “This is an area where a follower of Christ is not the norm, but those that do follow Christ stand out as a source of hope and joy.”

From an early age, she felt drawn to international missions. “I attended the LIFE conference in high school and watched the missionaries come into the auditorium proudly waving their flags. When the speaker asked if any students felt called to international missions, I remember confidently standing without any hesitation.”

Through the years, many life experiences continued to affirm her calling. These included developing a love for languages, being exposed to relationships with other missionaries, travelling abroad, and getting to know women and families from other countries right here in Boston because of the game of soccer.

After completing her degree from Gordon College, Kara began working as a middle and high school girls coach with Soccer Without Borders. “SWB uses soccer to positively impact newcomer youth to the U.S. It was through my experience at SWB that the Lord solidified and made clear my next step included using soccer as the vehicle to build relationships with young women and share the Gospel.”

Coaching Soccer in Spain

Kara is currently in the preparation and fundraising stages for her overseas ministry. She plans to serve a minimum of two years as an Envision intern with a team in Spain. The team currently offers services within a North African community, things like language classes, and when Kara arrives, she will begin coaching a local Futbol club to connect young women with the opportunities available and be a witness for Christ within that community. Additionally, she will assist with building partnerships with other Spanish churches in their area.

“The Lord’s hand has been so clear in setting up this opportunity,” Kara explains. “As I started thinking about moving abroad, I received an invitation to live with a family in my church that allowed me to save money. Then a part-time job fell in my lap where the owner gave me flexible hours, more pay than I expected, and an environment where I hear and speak Spanish every time I am at work. The final piece was when conversations with the Spain team began, they advised they had been praying for someone to help start a soccer ministry for young women.”

Supporting Kara

Kara notes, “I’m quickly learning that there is a lot to do to prepare for international missions!” She is currently going through the visa process, has completed most of the document requirements and is just waiting to receive the final paperwork. “As someone who is new to the long term visa process, it has been very overwhelming.” She is also finalizing her financial support for the two year term. She has raised and secured pledges to cover the $42,000 she will need for her living expenses. 

Beyond the logistics, Kara also requests spiritual support to combat anxiety and doubt. Questions on if she was ready, and how could she be qualified, have nagged her. “God has consistently brought people around me to encourage me in word, deed and prayer. I’m amazed at how their prayers have fought back against my anxieties.” She asks for others to continue to lift her up and grow her hunger and desire to be closer to God and serve him; as well as to begin preparing the hearts of the young women and families she will build relationships with in Spain.

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