Over the weekend of August 10-11, we packed the Envision Providence location with people responding to God’s calling to make ministry a more significant part of their lives. Whether that be stepping up inside their local church to greater responsibilities, or as far reaching as beginning the process for overseas missions, this weekend was designed and geared to give those feeling called a framework for ministry opportunities, pathways, and next steps.

What an exciting 24 hours!” proclaimed Andy Geffers, our Director of Church & Leadership Advancement. “It was great to see God gather people from all age groups, different ethnicities, and representing 11 different Alliance New England churches, who were feeling the call of God on their lives. Some were sensing a call to international ministry and some to local church ministry. Then there were others who simply felt a call to take Jesus with them into their current vocations and places where their God given skills and gifts lead them.”

In total, 39 people attended the Called Ones Gathering, along with 10 leaders and presenters, bringing the total to 49 people filling the Envision Providence site from Saturday through Sunday afternoon. Those present ranged in age from high school to a few entering retirement.


Nate Sans joined us all the way from California.  Nate works in the CMA Candidate Development Office.  Alliance Licensed Ministry Experience (ALME) veterans participated in many of the discussions as well. These guests included Nate & Becca Marshall from Attleboro, MA, Jessica Bryant from Troy, MI, and Billy Honeck, who’s located in Brewster, MA. C&MA and district staff led sessions targeting various ministry pathways. These included: 

  • Andy Geffers  – International ministry options
  • Tom Flanders – Local church ministry options
  • Shelley Moulton – Other vocational options

To cap it off, we were very excited to have several online sessions where we could hear about the experiences and interact with international workers who have walked the path of calling and are now serving overseas.


The focus of most discussions were based around helping attendees determine their calling. We walked through how to process and answer the following questions:

  • What is God saying to me?
  • What can this calling look like?
  • What is involved?
  • How do I make a step of response?

One participant expressed that this event was unlike others she had attended. In those, you get pumped up and excited. But you leave without any next steps,” Andy remarked. “She said she is leaving this event with several clear next steps to take. We couldn’t ask for a better result!

Time in the Community

Being called to ministry requires us to go out into the world, sharing the Gospel. This cornerstone had to be a part of our time together. During our short weekend, we were able to put our hands and feet to work with community service projects around the Elmwood neighborhood where we met. We also enjoyed team building activities, great conversations and were blessed to join the International Alliance Church for worship on Sunday morning.

Andy summed up the weekend simply, “Seeing the response and watching people realize all that the C&MA has to offer for those feeling called made me proud to be a part of Alliance New England and our C&MA  Acts 1:8 family.”

For more information on ministry opportunities within C&MA, please contact Andy or the district office.