On Ramps

ON-RAMPS are ways that our member churches and personnel can engage the Collective Mission. We offer a variety of resources, programs, training seminars, and mission trips – all with the overarching goal to grow disciples that grow disciples.


For more information on any of these programs, Contact Us.

Local Mission

3DM Learning Community on Discipleship & Mission

A two-year journey of learning to build a discipling culture and catalyze missional momentum in any context. Over the two-year track you will progress from discipleship to mission through a series of four, 2½-day training immersions and receive weekly coaching. Experience proven vehicles for discipleship and mission, evaluate your current realities, and look to where God is calling your church. For more information visit http://www.3dmovements.com/communities/. This LC will be located in Amesbury, MA. 3DM is offering reduced rates for us on this LC only! Next Immersion is March 16-18, 2017. IT’S NOT TOO LATE TO JOIN!

  • 2-person team with 1 person in weekly coaching – $1,850 per year
  • 3-person team with 1 person in weekly coaching – $2,700 per year
  • 4-person team with 2 people in weekly coaching – $4,600 per year

One-Day Seminars on Discipleship & Mission

We offer a “One Day” gathering for you and your leadership team, staff and key volunteers to focus on advancing the biblical discipleship and mission conversation. These one-days are facilitated as a workshop with significant times for interaction among your group for the purposes of processing content, understanding current context, and planning for the future. Our aim with a one-day is to help you lead the effort forward with your leadership body and congregation. These are typically Saturday seminars held at your church.

District-Led Huddles

A “Huddle” is a discipleship vehicle that focuses on personal and ministerial growth while helping you learn how to disciple people so that they will be able to disciple other people. In the huddle experience you will unpack and apply the 3DM discipling toolkit and gain tools and expertise that is simple, memorable and reproducible for every context. We currently have three district-led huddles that meet once a week via computer, utilizing an on-line conferencing tool such as Zoom or Google Hangouts. There is not cost for these huddles.

Regional Mission

South Boston Church Plant

On January 1, 2016 Scott & Christina Lyerly and their two sons moved into South Boston to develop a missional presence. Scott has worked in and around Boston for the last six years and continues to be bi-vocational. You can pray for the Lyerly family and their ministry. You can support this effort through contributions to New England Home Missions.

Providence Envision Site

The International Alliance Church in Providence is becoming an Envision Site! Pray for Robert & Amy Childs, the Envision Site Coordinators, and their family. They will begin fundraising soon and hope to be on-site in Providence this summer. Pray also for a couple called to live and minister as Lead Pastor of the church. When the site launches we will be looking for short term teams for construction as well as community outreach and service ministry.

Greenhouse Church

A Greenhouse church provides a developmental and mentoring environment for future church leaders who may plant, redevelop or pastor a church, ideally in New England. If you and your congregation are interested in such ministry please contact us for more information.

Cluster-Based Planting Initiatives

Each church is a part of a regionally-based cluster of congregations that is considering planting the gospel in the local area. Present areas of focus include Middlebury VT, Brunswick ME, Middletown CT, Orange/Athol MA and Boston, MA. Pray for clarity to know if we should plant in these locales and begin training leaders and developing disciples to send to these places. The seed of these gospel plants must come from among us!

Global Mission

Short-Term Trips

A short-term trip with Envision is a great way to get your people out of their comfort zones and into ministry. With Envision you will also get C&MA DNA into your people. Visit www.weareenvision.com to see both US and international trips.

Local Church Consulting

Andy Geffers will meet with your missions team or point person to discuss how to develop a plan for your church’s missions engagement.

Converge Conference

An annual gathering for pastors, missions leaders, and community outreach staff from Alliance churches. Converge is a great opportunity for like-minded leaders to gather, share ideas, encourage and stir one another’s passion for greater Alliance missions engagement in your congregations. Converge is typically held each January in Colorado Springs.

Vision Trips

Designed for pastors and key leaders to build relational connectedness with international workers, these trips give you first-hand experience with C&MA international work, enhance your understanding of the mission of the C&MA and clearly explain the vehicles to accomplish that mission.

Greenhouse Church

A Greenhouse Church provides a developmental and mentoring environment for future international workers who need ministry experience before heading overseas. If you and your congregation are interested in such ministry please contact us for more information.

Global Partnerships

Partnerships bring missions engagement to a personal level. They focus on meeting the real needs of our IW’s all year round and creating an avenue for our churches to fulfill their calling to reach the peoples of the world who have inadequate access to the gospel.