International missions work is all he can imagine himself doing. “Nothing else seems to bring me as much peace,” explained Robbie Haddad, 23, of Foxboro, MA. “Sure, it may not be a peaceful lifestyle, but once I was convicted that we needed missionaries to go to unreached people, nothing could shake my resolve.”

By the end of this summer, Robbie will be situated in Berlin, Germany for a two-year assignment working as an apprentice in a refugee center. He’ll join a team dedicated to church planting and evangelism within the community of Syrian refugees. “It took one call to the national office, and when I learned of this opportunity, it was settled that I was moving to Germany.” Robbie credits seven years of discipleship, mission work, overseas trips, and Bible school with preparing him to be ready for when that one call kicked off this journey.

He also credits his youth pastor, Andy Geffers, at Church of Emmanuel in Foxboro with mentoring and preparing him for a life in missions. “Andy believed in me from day one. And he invested in me.” Robbie recently completed his degree in Evangelism and Discipleship at the Moody Bible Institute. As a kid, he was forced to mature rather quickly, and accepted Christ as his savior when he was 11. From that point on, “God made me acutely compassionate for others. He put a desire to care for people in me that I cannot describe.”

His mother, step-father, two brothers, sister, nieces and nephews are all going to miss him tremendously, but they’re proud to support Robbie doing what he feels called to do. Growing up, he was always encouraged “to be a missionary right where I was. Right now matters, no matter where God has you.” The desire to go overseas was a gradual development. “Jesus is the hope for this world. There are people who, if it’s not for me going to them, will have no chance of salvation.”

Over the next few months, Robbie will finalize his plans to leave for Germany. Raising $80,000 is a significant part of that preparation process, as those funds will be his support while away for the next two years. Donations can be made through his website Beyond that, he’s asking for prayer. “I’m ready. I’m qualified. But I need to be obedient, always need humility, and I need God to bring me people!”

Robbie is available to speak to churches or youth groups throughout the area to help raise awareness and support for this program. “The more people that know the better. This is an amazing opportunity for us to reach refugees.” To those that might be considering following in his footsteps, he recommends that they find a mentor, someone that will keep you accountable for taking the necessary steps. He also adds, “Pray. Spend as much time as humanly possible walking alone and talking with Jesus. Adore the Word. Live on less. And take frequent naps.”

For more information on C&MA missions opportunities, to contact Robbie, or donate to his support, visit these links. Then join us in praying for Robbie and his team in Berlin.