As we gather information and resources, ANE will add links and information here for churches and leaders to references as they adapt to the COVID-19 situation.

⭐ Items marked with the yellow star are NEW resources that have just been added.

C.A.R.E.S Act Information for Churches


As you may be aware, last weekend President Trump signed into effect the Coronavirus Aid Relief Economic Security Act (also known as C.A.R.E.S.), a coronavirus impact aid bill that provides economic relief to workers and businesses. There are several pieces to this bill that extend to 501(c)(3) entities, which include churches, Christian schools and other religious bodies.

Department of the Treasury – C.A.R.E.S.

We are learning as much as we can about this bill, all of its components, and how they may be of help to our churches and ministries. We will be updating and making you aware of more information as quickly as we can.

However, with some urgency, we want to make you aware of one important component called the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP), which sets aside $349 billion dollars to provide small employers, churches and non-profits with a potential alternative to furloughing or laying off employees to ride out the COVID-19 storm. Because there are limited funds available and millions of organizations will be making application for them immediately, we wanted to get you as much information about the program so you are prepared to apply for funds as soon as possible. Funds will be provided on a first come, first serve basis, and the current appropriation of funds is not expected to last for very long.

The program provides federally guaranteed loans to cover payroll and other operating expenses, which are intended to be forgiven up to 100% if certain reasonable requirements are met. Banks & lenders will begin taking applications for PPP loans on FRIDAY, APRIL 3rd.

Attached are three important pieces of information regarding the PPP:

1 – An Overview/Summary of the PPP
2 – A detailed Fact Sheet on the PPP that includes information on who is eligible, how to apply, what the funds can be used for, how to qualify to have the loan forgiven in whole or in part, and details on repayment, if required.
3 – The Application for PPP.

We encourage you to take these steps now:

Decide if this provision is right for your church.
If you sense your church will struggle financially, or is already struggling because of this crisis or if you expect to be laying off staff or taking significant pay cuts during this crisis, you should consider this option. Please consult with your treasurer and board.

Reach out to your local bank right away.
Banks may be flooded with requests in the next few days, but will hopefully attempt to service their existing client relationships first. If your local bank is not participating in the CARES Act’s Paycheck Protection Program, ask them to refer you to a bank/lender that is.

Begin compiling the necessary information and complete the application (attached).
Typically the district’s DEXCOM must provide their approval for churches to secure indebtedness. The DEXCOM is meeting tomorrow, and we will be seeking a blanket approval for churches to apply for and receive PPP funds. If there are further requirements required of the DEXCOM we will make you aware of them.

Over the coming days we will be examining more closely the other components of the C.A.R.E.S. Act that could be impactful for our churches, ministries and staff, including expanded unemployment insurance and new charitable giving guidelines, among others.

Alliance Benefits

First Stop Health is the telemedicine service offered for Alliance health plan subscribers where you can speak to a physician for free.

Letter from Curtis Farmer – Alliance Benefits: Important Health and Retirement Updates

Leading the Church in the Post COVID-19 Era

Special webinar presentation of EquippingU Live. The topic was on “Leading the Church in the Post-COVID Era.” Special guest was Daniel Yang. Daniel has deep Alliance roots and is currently the Director of the Send Institute that focuses on church multiplication. He is in a position to have his ear to the ground on important trends in church leadership and shares helpful insights that you won’t want to miss.

Leading the Church in the Post COVID-19 Era

A Virus Induced Course Correction

In a recent video blog by Terry Smith, Vice President for Church Ministries, the U.S. church is encouraged to consider how we can harness this season to correct the course of our churches. See Less

CAMA Grant Funds

Is your congregation finding ways to serve your community during the COVID pandemic?  If so, grant funds from CAMA may be available to assist with the expenses of doing so.  Fill out this short form and email it to the district office.

On-Line Giving

The C&MA has an agreement with, with some lower negotiated fees. More information available here.

PayPal.Me is another service which is similar in price and some churches have started using.

Encourage Members to Look Into On-Line Bill Pay: Congregants should check to see if their banks offer a “Bill Pay” option. They can set up the church as a regular payment they make, and the bank generates an electronic check and sends it via USPS (United States Postal Service). Many banks don’t charge for this, and some even cover the postage!

UP/IN/OUT Ministry

Jesus Pattern – UP/IN/Out  Video

“Up In Out” PDF

 John Stumbo Videos – Perspectives on a Pandemic

March 13, 2020

March 20, 2020

March 27, 2020

April 3, 2020

Technical Links / Help To Go Virtual

Streaming Services and Copyright Laws

Please be aware that permission is needed to stream copyrighted material including worship songs, music and projected lyrics in a livestream or broadcast of your services. Your current CCLI license may not cover streamed content, and if so you will need to purchase an add-on CCLI Streaming License. The cost is very reasonable. More information is available here.


As of today, we’ve developed and launched a new course on CMAllianceU designed to help those churches who are struggling to stay connected while not being able to meet on Sundays. This course is simple. Right now, the curriculum educates churches on how to record a sermon and upload it onto a digital platform using free resources. Soon, we will be adding additional resources that will help churches navigate connecting digitally for discipleship, giving, and pastoral care. But for now, we wanted to get this out ASAP.

This course is FREE for anyone. Individuals will need to open an account on CMAllianceU to access the course. We’ve created a simple website that gives registration and access to this course here. We’ve also attached a PDF with login and access instructions for this course.

Questions or Concerns? Please reach out: or call: 732-647-6885.

Going Digital Publication

Twelve Favorite Church Tactics that are Already Working

There are no experts here. We are all innovating, learning, succeeding and making mistakes together, at the same time. With 1,500+ churches in coaching groups, here are twelve of our favorite church tactics from Week 3 of our Coaching Groups that are already working.

Download The Terrific Twelve



  1. Focus on how to move “Watchers to Attenders” and think through how it works [ASSIMILATION].
  2. Welcome those online personally on video during the service and drive viewers to complete a response form, send email/text, or DM the page [NEXT STEP IS KEY!].
  3. Put in place a chat host, kind of like a digital greeter, who can say hi to those online and answer questions during the stream.
  4. Launch an online follow-up team to handle response forms, emails, texts, and DMs. Care for people one-on-one and connect back to a physical location.
  5. Empower a volunteer to oversee your stream. Find someone who owns their own business because they tend to be social media savvy.
  6. Launch a Facebook Group for those online to be in the community during the week. Think of your Facebook Group as a patio experience digitally.
  7. Explore launching online groups if people desire to gather, but can’t meet in-person [VIDEO COURSE: How Online Small Groups Work].
  8. Get classes up online with a Learning Management Software (L.M.S.) like,, or


Dan Boal, Alliance Youth Director, shares a video on 4 guidelines for digital youth ministry.

WATCH: 4 Guidelines for Digital Youth Ministry

Glimpse Videos

Glimpse is a highly visual presentation that works on the concept of show and tell. Short films that point people to Jesus.

  • Share them on social media, instigate conversations online that point to Jesus.
  • Sunday messages/online services made easy.
  • Small group resources.




Visit to watch Season One and find out more

Engaging Kids Over Video 2020

Youth Group Games

These are a couple online games youth group can play at home on their phones. They’re party games that anyone can play. Just be sure the FAMILY FRIENDLY setting is activated!



Free Downloadable Youth Ministry Program Ideas

Download Youth Ministry

Tools to engage children and students

Virtual Resources for Kid Ministry