Next Steps: Robbie Haddad Returns from Berlin and Prepares for Future Mission Field

After two years in Berlin helping establish and grow an Arab refugee church plant, Robbie returns to New England and prepares for his next international posting.

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New England Workers Prepare for Overseas Assignments

We are excited to announce that as a district, we generously gave $78,683 towards the GCF in December! Wow. And more than $500,000 was donated through the Year End Offering by all Alliance churches to support the 60 workers. Praise God!Now that 2019 has arrived, we are also thrilled to announce that the New England district has multiple new workers preparing to go overseas.

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Send The Workers: Let’s Meet the Challenge

We currently have 60 vetted, trained, and prepared international workers ready to go out into the field next year. This is a record number for us. Twice as many as the C&MA has had in previous years. Praise the Lord! Historically, the number of workers has been on a decline, and led us to pray for God to provide the people. He answered. And He came through abundantly.Now the challenge. We need the funds to send these workers. The Alliance is currently behind budget in our Great Commission Fund. To be exact, we are $1.2 million behind this fiscal year. Now our prayer is for the Lord to provide the financial resources so that every one of those 60 workers can be sent.

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ON THE HORIZON: Envision Providence

The landscape for mission has changed and is becoming focused on our own backyards. As such, excitement is growing about Envision Providence and the new site being planned and built here in our New England District. Robert and Amy Childs have taken the reins as the Site Coordinators to lead the Envision Providence location and are already hard at work developing the vision, administration, and overseeing the operations of the site, including the build-out and construction of the permanent facility. What is Envision? Simply put, Envision takes long-term workers invested in their urban communities, like the Childs, and pairs them with small groups and missional leaders for internships, short-term trips, and leadership development. Together they innovate, develop, strengthen and impact the faith communities in [...]

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Destination Berlin: Robbie Haddad Prepares to Head Overseas to Work with Refugees

By the end of this summer, Robbie will be situated in Berlin, Germany for a two-year assignment working as an apprentice in a refugee center. He’ll join a team dedicated to church planting and evangelism within the community of Syrian refugees.

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