ANE Sends Another Worker Overseas

Hannah Shipman has worked with the international student community in Sunderland, MA for the past few years. During this time, she developed her leadership and discipleship skills working with people of various cultures and ethnicities. Through these programs, she came to understand their unique challenges, but also the growing desire and hunger for the gospel truth within these groups.

Subsequently, her calling has now evolved to continue serving on the international stage, through the establishment and management of an Envision site in Jerusalem, Israel. The Alliance New England district is thrilled that another young leader is emerging from our body of believers. Please join us as we support Hannah and her goals, as her mission and the logisitics of this calling are realized, and as she moves forward into sharing the love of Jesus and the peace of the Gospel within the unique context of the land of Israel.

Launching Envision Israel

As a district, we are quite familiar with the Envision program, as we launched the Envision Providence site two years ago and continue to support the work of Robert and Amy Childs as the site leaders in that location. Hannah will be joining the Envision program and team, relocating to Jerusalem to start building an Envision site there from the ground up.

“The last few years, Hannah has been a part of our ALME program here in New England,” explained Andy Geffers. “Her work with international students and Maple Ridge Church have been an ideal foundation for her next steps in establishing an Envision site in Israel. She will have to start from scratch and build an entire team on site. As a district, our goal is to rally behind her and give her the support she needs to fulfill her calling on this mission field.”

The Opportunity

Israel is a crossroads in the Middle East, with a complex convergence of cultures. There are three main people groups trying to live and thrive together in this setting: Israeli Jews (70%), Palestinian Muslims (20%) and the third group consists of immigrants from China, Russia, Africa and other parts of the world. There exists a need for short term teams and individuals to come to Jerusalem, build awareness of the unseen and misunderstood, and learn how to engage similar peoples at home.

At this moment in history, a unique window of opportunity exists with Palestinians and the immigrant population being open and receptive to hearing the gospel. The establishment of a long term ministry site will develop the next generation of mission leaders to experience transformation and engage not only in this unique context but also wherever God moves them to next.

Once on site, Hannah will have two primary goals. “To begin with, I plan to engage short term teams and individuals through discipleship and ministry within Jerusalem. My focus there will be two-fold:

  • Character development and soul care for leaders to equip and prepare them to live and serve missionally.
  • Connect short term teams and individuals with the local ministries to meet the needs of the people in Jerusalem.”

Supporting the Mission

As a district, there are multiple ways we can support Hannah and the mission to reach the multiple cultures within Israel. Building awareness of Hannah’s plans and lifting everyone involved in the process up in prayer is always at the forefront. The next big hurdle will be securing the necessary financing to cover her expenses. The details on how to make one-time or recurring donations are in the box to the side. Hannah is just beginning the fundraising aspect. She anticipates needing $6800 for one-time costs to make her move overseas, and then $4300/month in pledges to cover her ongoing expenses while there.

Once Hannah has the site groundwork established, then as a district we can begin sending short-term mission teams and leaders eager to develop to assist at the site.

Financial Support Options

Give Online:

STEP 1: Find the yellow box that says “A Worker You Love”.
STEP 2: Type in HANNAH SHIPMAN and click the “Support” button.
STEP 3: Enter the desired amount and choose either a one-time gift or a recurring monthly gift. Follow the rest of the steps and finish with “Submit My Gift Now” button.

Give by Check:

Make Payable to – The Christian and Missionary Alliance
Include “Hannah Shipman – ENV” in the memo.

Mail to: 8595 Explorer Drive, Colorado Springs, CO 80920

Hannah’s Support Letter

Churches can download and share the introduction and support letter explaining Hannah’s mission with their congregations.

Learn More About the Location

These are a few of the programs and ministries already engaging the people of Jerusalem, and which the new Envision site will help grow and support.