Once again this year, Council was a high moment for me. It gives me joy to see the Alliance family engage with our mission, with each other and, most significantly, with the beckoning of the Spirit within us. In fresh ways we deepened our relationship with the Lord, one another and His call upon our movement. As one of God’s end times families that He has raised up to complete the Great Commission, we came away from Council even more connected and committed. I’ve keenly felt the privilege of being your president for these six years, but my sense of gratitude for the Alliance family is even more profound after our Council experience.

As we heard stories of God at work among us, received challenges from His Word and considered the opportunities before us, the Council theme of BEYOND seemed to come to life. Every story of God has some form of BEYOND written into the plotline. May we keep following Him with wholeheartedness into all He has for us as we take all of Jesus to all the world.

I know that it is not possible for everyone to be physically present at Council. Yet, I’m delighted that a record number of people in the Alliance family were able to join us online. Whether online or in person, thank you for your participation!

The many pieces of information provided below are further opportunities to engage with what is happening with your Alliance family. Please take some time to familiarize yourself with the materials and participate in the survey.

Teamed and Grateful,
John Stumbo,

  • Council 2019 Resources: Visit the Alliance Council 2019 site to view or download the Council Highlights video, video segments shown at the event, main speaker messages, notable Council quotes, PowerPoints, and other on-screen presentations shown during the main sessions.
  • Alliance Life Special Council Issue: If you weren’t able to attend Council 2019 or want to relive some of its most memorable moments, the special issue of Alliance Life will arrive in subscribers’ homes on or around August 1. Additional copies con be ordered while supplies last by emailingalife@cmalliance.org. Click here to subscribe.
  • New A. B. Simpson Biography: Debuting at Council was the new Simpson biography, A. B.: The Unlikely Founder of a Global Movement, by David Jones, which is available for purchase from The Alliance Store. Case lots (36 copies per case) are available for the discounted price of $385.00 (which includes shipping) from the Alliance Service Center by calling toll-free 1-877-284-3262, Monday–Friday, 8 a.m.–4:30 p.m., MST.
  • Great Commission Day/Council Offering: We are thrilled to announce that the $500,000 matching grant challenge for Great Commission Day has been met. See the Alliance family’s overwhelming response to our offering to send more than 60 new workers to some of the world’s remaining least-reached frontiers.
  • Council 2021: This event will be nearly two days shorter requiring considerable change to the Council program. Help us make Council 2021 at the Opryland Resort and Convention Center in Nashville, Tennessee, an exceptional event by taking this survey.

Other Council resources, including the Alliance World Tour 2.0 presentation, President’s Report to Council/Council Minutes, and Council video snapshots, will be made available later this summer.

President’s Video Blog: Be sure to tune in to the year 6 “season premiere” of John Stumbo’s Video Blog on August 12.

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The Missions Emphasis 2019-2020 theme is Called to Regions Beyond and focuses on our Good Shepherd’s call to join Him on mission—to bring into His fold the remaining 3 billion “sheep” who have not yet had a chance to hear the good news.