Collective Mission

We recognize Acts 1:8 to be an “and” statement, not an “or” statement, and so our goal is for every church to embrace the mission to make disciples in local and regional and global contexts. To that end, we have grouped local churches into six geographic clusters, so that together we can collaborate to create and support a movement of multiplying, Gospel-centered churches impacting their local communities, New England and the world.  

Executive Summary

Thoughtful planning and consideration has gone into developing our overall mission and Strategic Plan for growing and developing the churches and leaders within the Alliance New England district. Read the full plan here. This Executive Summary highlights the main points and priorities of each aspect of our plan.

Local Mission

In your home, your neighborhood, your town

In Matthew 28:19, Jesus tells his followers they are to “Go and make disciples.” That call remains the same to this day. Unfortunately, many believers have never been trained how to do this in the ways Jesus did it, and do not even understand that, as followers of Jesus, they are personally called to do this. Discipleship and mission, in the ways Jesus lived out and taught, must be embedded into the DNA of our churches and region so that they will remain strong beyond the passage of time, leaders and generations.  Without a healthy, reproducing base of local C&MA churches, the C&MA’s capacity for global mission cannot be sustained.


•    Every church has a plan for making disciples who know how to make disciples; and they have a way to evaluate whether that plan is working.  

•    Current and future pastors and lay leaders are trained in the foundations of effective, reproducing discipleship and the Acts 1:8 mission.  

•    Every church sees itself as a sending church – that their primary mission is to make disciples who know how to make disciples, and then release them to respond to God’s call – whether it be in the local church, the local community, or even to a regional or global field.


Regional Mission

In all of New England

We understand God’s church to be a missional church, a community that is multiplied and sent to places where the gospel needs to go.  We also know the current reality of the church in New England – one of the least-reached regions in North America – where significant plateau or decline is the reality for many local congregations.  Planting vibrant, disciple-making churches in the region is imperative if we are to change the trajectory. These efforts are not the responsibility of the district or a single local church, but the combined and cooperative work of C&MA churches in each geographic cluster.


•    Every church develops a multiplication plan and evaluates its efforts.  

•    Engage in the multiplication efforts of your cluster, contributing God-given resources to the new endeavor.

•    Bring the multiplication conversation to the lay leadership of every church, providing trainings and workshops.

•    Foster collaborative relationships within clusters by sharing experiences within the leadership teams of each congregation.

Global Mission

To the ends of the Earth

The Great Commission is our ultimate purpose. All believers and churches are called to advance God’s Kingdom so that all peoples of the world may have access to the gospel. The world-wide work of the C&MA relies on the engagement and support of our local congregations for financial, spiritual, relational, and organizational needs and should be the focus of our local churches’ global mission involvement.


•    Every church engages in a partnership with an Alliance international field, creating personal relationships and meeting the real needs of our International Workers.

•    Raise up an emerging generation of international workers by exposing all ages to global missions.

•    Identify those being called to such work, encouraging, discipling and training them, sending, and then supporting their on-going work.

•    Establish an “engagement pathway” for global mission, providing opportunities for people to be connected to the global work of the C&MA.