As 2018 came to a close, the Alliance family was faced with a great opportunity and challenge. More than 60 international workers were trained and ready to depart to locations across the globe to spread the love of Jesus and the eternal peace that comes through relationship with Him. But the Alliance was facing a budget shortfall. We asked our district to rise to this challenge and ensure not a single worker was left behind and unable to fulfill their calling by contributing to the Year-End offering for the Great Commission Fund.
We are excited to announce that as a district, we generously gave $78,683 towards the GCF in December! Wow. And more than $500,000 was donated through the Year End Offering by all Alliance churches to support the 60 workers. Praise God!
Now that 2019 has arrived, we are also thrilled to announce that the New England district has multiple new workers preparing to go overseas.

Limiting Details

Given the sometimes hostile nature of overseas locations and assignments towards ministry workers, we are faced with a unique challenge of how to keep our congregations informed on their identities, the successes they realize, their needs, and how we can support them, while also protecting them. More details can be shared in person, but for public distribution, we err on the side of limiting their personal information. As such, the information below will give an overview of each worker, without any specific identifying details.

Our Workers and Their Missions

The four workers below are currently serving in ALME (Alliance Licensed Ministry Experience) positions within our district churches. This is one of the final phases of the process before actually departing for an overseas assignment. Here are some of the details on each.
Details: Couple
International Departure: 3-5 years
As a couple, these workers are open to an assignment wherever there is the most need.
They recently arrived in New England and are committing to a 3-5 year ALME term serving as family, children’s ministry and leadership development pastors. In this role, they are tasked with growing leaders within the local congregation, that will ultimately help fill their shoes when they depart overseas. Both felt a calling to international work as young children, and recommitted to that goal when married. They are excited about joining one of our New England congregations and partnering with the existing leaders, but are concerned about moving from the west coast and leaving behind friends and family. They ask for prayers as they establish new relationships here in our region.
Details: Single Female
International Departure: Next Year
For the last few years, this worker has been ministering to international students within college communities in Nebraska and Massachusetts. She obtained a degree in international studies after growing up surrounded by close friends and family that served as missionaries. Working with international students has allowed her to learn how to establish relationships with people that come from cultures and countries she may never visit. She started her current position from scratch, so it provided her with the skills to build a rapport and develop a ministry with no existing support programs in place.
Details: Single Male
International Destination: Arabic-speaking Location
Originally from Texas, this worker recognized his gift with languages was a perfect complement for cross-cultural ministry. With a focus on Arabic-speaking populations, he will most likely be placed in an area where there are a growing number of displaced peoples within that region. There, he will assist with church planting and community development programs. He sees God already moving in those regions of the world and people’s hearts being opened. He asks for prayer as plans become finalized and the Spirit directs his next steps.

Ongoing Support

Please continue to lift up these workers during their time here in New England completing the ALME portion of their overseas training process, and pray for all the plans and preparations that are in development before they depart. We are blessed to have them here and working with our local congregations, and are committed to supporting their spiritual growth and financial needs as they take the next step into the international field.

Any additional questions on these workers and can be directed to the district office.