2020 Dates Announced

Now that the new year has kicked off, it is time to start planning and preparing for the region-wide events that occur throughout the year. The district is pleased to announce the following dates and asks that churches begin coordinating and arranging their individual schedules with these events in mind.

Life-on-Life Cohort Classes

  • Life on Life Cohort 6, Feb 24-26 (Registration Open Now!)
  • Life on Life Cohort 7, June 1-3
  • Life on Life Cohort 8, October 19-21 
  • Life on Life Cohort 9, December 14-16

April 27-29: Annual Gathering (District Conference) 

Location: Foxboro, MA

May 11: Golf Classic

Location: Country Club of Halifax in Halifax, MA

August 7-8: Called Ones Gathering

Location: Envision Providence

August 31 – September 3: Conversations with President Stumbo

November 30 – December 9: Reformation Tour

ANE District Events