The 2018 Impact Report from the Christian & Missionary Alliance is now available for churches and congregations to review. The report highlights the impact C&MA missions and outreach programs are having both here in the United States and globally around the world.
Of all the programs the C&MA could have highlighted in the U.S., one of the two chosen to be shared in this report is about YOU, the New England Region. Check out Page 8 for a closer look at how our efforts are being recognized.
Overall, the report is such an encouragement for our individual churches. While we may feel small at times, when we see the collective impact our efforts are having to share the Gospel and bring Jesus into the lives of those here, near and far away, we can joyfully praise God for His faithfulness as together we advance His Kingdom.

“The greatest expression of love we can offer is the gospel of Jesus Christ to those who have yet to experience His embrace. For more than 130 years, we have committed to taking His good news to the tough and “unsent” places—whether the most overlooked U.S. neighborhoods or the most spiritually desolate corners of the world—to provide healing and hope for the suffering and lost.

Together, we have made great progress—and with your ongoing support, we will continue to proclaim Jesus in word and deed until the gospel is within reach of every person on earth.”

-Jonathan Schaeffer, Chairman of the Board

The full report can be read here, and downloaded off of the Public Documents page of the ANE site.